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Producers: Frank C. Schroeder, Charles Bush, III

Director:  Frank C. Schroeder

Screenwriters:  Frank C. Schroeder, Charles Bush, III

                              Based on a Novel by Al Bohl 

Genre:  Science Fiction


Set in the year 300 P.V. (Post Virus), we discover a world in “THIRST” that is on the brink of destruction. 


Most of the original survivors from the global devastation found their way to the city of Sphere after the viral wars.  But not everyone came to Sphere, despite their pitiful condition from the ravages of war. Different factions arose who were uncomfortable with the benevolence of Sphere’s Tribunal leadership.


Over time the Tribunal was placed in the unpleasant position that it had to consider these people dangerous and a threat to reconstruction.   In order to restore harmony to the society, the Tribunal set forth a manifesto...anyone in opposition was considered to be infected with “alien-thought.”  The manifesto simply stated:


As one, with the singleness of heart, an in knowledgeable union,

Destiny has evolved and mandated this societal order of change

to dispel with finality the oppression of mankind.


Therefore, we manifest:


One Centralized Executor

The Sphere order is not a blend of global bipartisan governments.


It is the gleaning of the noblest of all governmental principles and the elimination of the dross.


 It is the final libertarian and equalizer from the

class struggles against all oppression…”


Nevertheless, in time, new ideas or “alien-thought” became more and more attractive to people.  It even began to intrigue some of the loyalist of Sphere.  By this era, it had been a long time since the Viral Wars and the pioneer spirit of man was becoming restless.  Sphere called on a group of military loyalist to deal with the dilemma. 


They were known as Talgent Warriors.

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