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bringing stories from concept to consumers in today’s digital world of entertainment.

Digital is affecting all aspects of entertainment (film, television, video games, music and books), from the basic fundamentals of how the content is produced to the various new delivery systems providing audiences around the world with direct access to content, anywhere...anytime.


Majesty Pictures can provide any entertainment project with:


Strategic Consulting

Producer Representation

Production Services (Producing, Writing, Directing)

Marketing/Distribution Services

An integral part of Majesty Pictures proven track record is their ability to first define a entertainment property’s “virtual root” or entry point into the marketplace.

The virtual root is part of the “media tree” which is the center of the forest.

The strength of the media tree and its revenue potential directly correlates to the building of a strategic plan which can exploit an entertainment property across all media formats, media distribution channels and merchandising opportunities through transmedia storytelling.


To maximize its potential in the marketplace, each entertainment property must first have its own specific plan that correlates how the virtual root integrates with the media tree which then pollinates the forest.

Majesty Pictures can then design a strategic entertainment content property plan which can exponentially strengthen the media tree’s ability to then virally pollinate and synergistically grow.


bringing major innovation to the motion picture industry:


Released the First Corporate Sponsored Theatrical Motion   Picture with Chick-fil-A

Launched Walmart's First In-Store Marketing Campaign for a Theatrical Released Motion Picture  


Developed the First DVD Titles with IBM Interactive  


Helped Create the Film Tax Incentive Program in Louisiana that has Revolutionized How Films are Financed in the U.S. Today.

Produced/Directed one of the First Electronic Edited Feature Length Theatrical Motion Pictures 


Majesty Pictures along with their strategic partnering network have built alliances with individuals and companies that produce and distribute motion pictures, television programs, books, publications and music from around the world that reflect the highest moral standards. 


In addition, Majesty Pictures has built extensive marketing initiatives to the family and faith-based marketplace with major corporate sponsors, leading civic organizations as well as schools and faith-based organizations including:

American Family Association, Campus Crusade for Christ,

Chick-il-A, CBN, Champion, Christian Film & Television Commission, 4-H, Coca-Cola, Converse, Dove Foundation,          Dr. Pepper, Fellowship of Christian Athletes,

Focus On The Family, Film Advisory Board,

Heartland Film Festival, IBM Interactive, J.C. Penny’s,           

Justin Boots, Lisa Frank, MacGregor, McDonald’s, 

Movieguide, Optimist International, Scholastic,

Spalding and Walmart

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