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Entertainment Projects

Feature Film Production, Marketing & Distribution

Producers.: Frank. C. Schroeder, Darrell Campbell, Rodney Stone, Peter Andrews

Director:  Frank C. Schroeder

Screenwriter:  Darrell Cambell

Actors: Mille Perkins, Nick Benedict, Adam Guier

Genre:  Family

Pistol" Pete Maravich had a dream - that he could achieve anything he put his heart and mind into. He wanted to become the greatest player anyone had ever seen. The Pistol is the true story of a legacy handed down from one generation to the next. Much more than a story about basketball, this is a story of a boy and his relationship with his father. It's a movie of the American Dream. Including Academy Award nominee Millie Perkins as Pete's mother Helen, 'The Pistol' shares the story of an American sports legend.  An LA Production Group film, distributed by Premier Pictures Releasing Corporation and Columbia/Tri-Star.


Executive Producers: Frank C. Schroeder, Charles Bush, III, Charles Robertson, David Seibert

Producer: Rob Marcarelli

Director: Regardt Van Den Bergh

Actors:   Richard KileyBruce Marchiano

Genre:  Biblical Drama


It was a time of parables and miracles. Of divine love and deep compassion. Through the accounts of the Apostle Matthew, we follow Jesus Christ through the cities of Judea and bear witness to the world-changing events of His life and teachings. Beginning with the wonder of Jesus’ humble birth in a manger, we become intimately involved in His ministry, His sacrifice, and His glorious resurrection for the sake of all humanity.   An LA Entertainment Group production in association with Biblica.


Producer: Sybil Robson Orr

Director: Mark Lewis 

Actors:   Kristy Young, Doug Stone, James Donadio,

Genre:  Family


This is the story of a talking cute piglet named Gordy, who gets involved in a big quest to save his family from the slaughterhouse, where no pigs have ever returned. And it's all up to him to find and save them before they get turned into sausage!   A Robson Entertainment production, distributed by Miramax/Disney.

Home Video Production, Marketing & Distribution

Executive Producers: Frank C. Schroeder, Charles Bush, III, Charles Robertson, David Seibert

Producer: Rob Marcarelli

Director: Regardt Van Den Bergh

Actors:   Richard Kiley, Bruce Marchiano

Genre:  Biblical Drama


​Feed the soul with this powerfully dramatic presentation of the Gospel of Matthew starring Emmy Award Winning actor Richard Kiley and Bruce Marchiano as a joyful Jesus. Filmed on location in Morocco and South Africa this four and a half hour epic series is taken verbatim from the New International Version of the Bible.


Executive Producer: Frank C. Schroeder

Producer: Charles Bush, III

Directors: Frank C. Schroder (U.S.), Regardt Van Den Bergh (South Africa, Morrocco) 

Actors:   Michael Card, Bruce Marchiano

Genre:  Biblical Drama


The Topical Bible Series is hosted by award winning singer/songwriters Michael Card, Larnelle Harris and Kathy Trocolli.  Each episode of the series dramatically recreates some of the major issues of the Old and New Testament, putting the viewer in touch with the contemporary times that shaped the Christian world.  Included in the series are the videos, The Passion, The Healing Touch of Jesus and The Pharisees - Debate Over Tradition.


Executive Producer: Frank C. Schroeder

Producer: Darrell Campbell

Director: Frank C. Schroder  

Genre:  Sport Documentary

Pistol Pete Maravich,  the name still rings in the ears of basketball fans across America. Who can forget the floppy socks, behind-the-back passes, between-the-legs dribbling, and the wondrous assortment of shots. Now experience the record-breaking college basketball career of the NCAA’s most prolific scorer and greatest star. Maravich Memories - The LSU Years is the story of Pete Maravich through never-before-seen highlight footage, interviews and original music on this Collector's Edition Video.


Executive Producer: Frank C. Schroeder

Producer: Darrell Campbell

Director: Frank C. Schroder  

Genre:  Sports Instruction

Pistol Pete's Homework Basketball is without a doubt the most in-depth basketball instructional series ever produced. No other video series can offer the one-of-a-kind drills that made Pistol Pete Maravich one of basketball's brightest stars. From the basic fundamentals to the advanced tips to the game-breaking strategies, it's all here. It's a way of looking at the game... a way of mastering the game... that is unmatched by any other instructional series.

Television Production

Executive Producer: Frank C. Schroeder, Ralph Drollinger

Producer: Cal Covert, Rick Waltman

Director: Frank C. Schroder  

Talent:  Julius Erving, Julie Moran

Genre:  Sports Anthology

With an Emmy Award winning staff, this weekly television program featured the hottest names in sports.   Hosted by NBA Superstar Julius Erving and airing on ESPN and national syndication, this top rated show entertained audiences with more than just the traditional sports highlights.  Julius Erving's Sports Focus 

goes behind-the-scenes featuring in-depth personality features and special reports on the current issues in sport.  Skilled reporters, including Julie Moran (Entertainment Tonight, NBA Inside Stuff) went on location around the world to bring home the stories and people who each week were making sports headlines. 

Book Publishing & Marketing

Written by: Pete Maravich, Darrell Campbell, Frank C. Schroeder

Genre:  Biography/Auto-Biography


This Gold Medallian Book of the Year chronicles the life of basketball legend Pistol Pete Maravich.  Under the tutelage of his father Press Maravich, Pete would rewrite the NCAA records books averaging over 44.2 points per game during his three years at LSU.  This revealing book looks inside the life of one of sports most unique and unforgettable father and son relationships.  

Music Videos

Grammy Award winner Crystal Gayle on set performing a duet with Eddie Rabbit for the music video I Made A Promise.


Artist: Crystal Gayle, Eddie Rabbit

Producer: Frank C. Schroeder


Artist: Larnelle Harris

Producer: Frank C. Schroeder


Artist: Tag Team

Producer: Frank C. Schroeder



Producer: Frank C. Schroeder

Majesty Pictures' Frank C. Schroeder has produced music videos for a diverse group of number one selling recording artists.  Mr. Schroeder's filmography includes music videos for Grammy Award winners Crystal Gayle and Larnelle Harris as well as triple Platinum winning rap group Tag Team and country music legend Eddie Rabbit.   


Producers:  Frank C. Schroeder, Charles Bush, III

Director:  Frank C. Schroeder

Screenwriter: Frank C. Schroeder

Genre:  Romantic Adventure


The story begins in Jerusalem, 33 AD…

No matter how hard Pontius Pilate tries, he can’t stop the roar in his head for the events of that day would echo throughout all of time.


Thirty years later, the roar which started in Jerusalem could hardly be heard in Rome, any hope of it seemingly drowned out with Nero’s rise to power.


All that is horrible and shameful had now flood together under Caesar’s rule; he believed no mere mortal dare stand in his way.


But every roar starts with a whisper and in Rome it would only take a spark to ignite the flames of love that would change the world forever.


ROAR is the epic story of true love and sacrifice. 

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