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Next Generation Filmmaking

Today’s digital technology has forever transformed the way we make and consume media in America.

The essence of digital is this: everything we do to create content can be turned into a series of ones and zeros that our naked eyes can’t decode into pictures and sounds, but that a variety of digital devices can now decode and play for our viewing and listening pleasure. This new digital code has changed media making forever.


Because this code has transformed the four most important processes for media makers — Conceptualization/Pre-Visualization, Production/Post-Production, Marketing and Distribution/Presentation.

The possibilities with digital technology are nearly infinite.

Digital technology is able to make production cheaper, faster, and more manageable if the right tools, talent and workflow processes are incorporated.

In the world of ones and zeros every bit of raw data is an asset that once logged, stored and managed can then be further monetized beyond just the traditional finished media product such as a motion pictures, television program or video game.

It has also opened up avenues for marketing through social media outlets and distribution, such as the internet and, to a lesser extent, cable and satellite, while drastically reducing the costs of replicating copies of a filmmaker’s work.

Through the development of cloud-based technology and social networking platforms it is now possible to design and integrate an entirely new “concept to consumer” pipeline as the backbone for a next generation digital film studio.

In the new world of digital entertainment, great opportunities await those individuals and companies with the foresight to create digital pipelines capable of capturing, storing, tracking and networking entertainment based assets from multiple users from conception through audience consumption.

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